Haircuts for every face shape

Finding the right haircut begins with your face shape and some general rules that apply when considering the best style for you.  However, the texture of your hair will determine the right style and since no two faces are the same, no haircut will be the same. Consult with your stylist at Laruh to find the best look for you.

round face shape

Round.  Cheeks are as wide as your jaw and forehead; wide, full chin, no visible jaw line.

Recommendations: A side part will make your face appear longer. So will a short, fringy cut brushed toward the face, a short cut that tapers in above the ears and has lots of layers at the crown for height or a long style that is layered around the face. Extra width or curl at the sides will make your face look even fuller.

square face shape Square.  Prominent, squared-off jaw, wide forehead with squared off jaw line, may have strong cheekbones.
oval face shape

Oval.  Somewhere between round and square. High forehead, prominent jawline, long and narrow chin. 

Recommendations: To widen a narrow face, go for short or chin-length hair that is subtly layered at the bottom or full at the sides (not on top) and tapered in.  Soft, side-dipping bangs are a good bet, as are face-framing layers in front; they de-emphasize the length of the oval face. Long straight hair with a center part is not for you.  Asymmetrical parts or cuts add width to a narrow face.

Heart.  High cheekbones, delicate, pointy chin and wide forehead.

Recommendations:  Avoid super-short cuts or styles with center parts.  Hair tucked behind the ears, soft bangs, curly or wavy styles, short layers on top, hair that is long on the neck and wispy at the bottom, flippy ends, and tousled layers all will nicely emphasize your bone structure and soften the effect of a pointy chin.


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