Good Stuff for You

  • Laruh provides a comprehensive training program for all new employees
  • Laruh provides quarterly training for all team members
  • Laruh trainers and team leaders work with employees side-by-side every day to achieve our goals
  • Laruh hosts an annual recognition party for all team members each January
  • Laruh automatically deposits paychecks into employee checking accounts every other Friday
  • Laruh guarantees a competitive base salary, or commission, the higher of the two
  • Laruh pays a training wage for all new service providers
  • Laruh pays for all in-house training costs
  • Laruh serves 2,000+ guests per month
  • Laruh has two shifts operating 7 days/week to maximize flexibility for employees and guests
  • Laruh starts each shift with a team huddle to share important information and focus for the day
  • Laruh currently has 24 team members
  • Laruh offers health, dental and vision insurance to all full-time employees
  • Laruh offers paid vacation to all full-time employees
  • Laruh offers a discount on all retail and salon/spa services to friends and family
  • Laruh encourages employees to enjoy a personal salon and spa service each month
  • Laruh offers wholesale pricing on all Aveda products for personal use
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