What hair color is best for you?

Choosing the right hair color isn't as easy as picking a color you like.

It's important to consider your natural hair color, your skin tone and eye color when choosing a new hair color.

  • Pale skin suits pretty much all hair colors.
  • Pink skin should avoid shades of red or golden blonde. Ash tones will neutralize your coloring.
  • Yellow skin should avoid yellow, gold or orange tones. Use deep reds or cool colors - champagne, sandy or ash blonde, or cool browns.
  • Olive skin suits darker hair colors and are complimented by warm gold or reds. As a general rule, coppery-reds look more natural than blue reds.

If you know what colors of clothing suit you best, it can help you choose the right hair color.

  • If you look good in red, orange, golden yellow, olive green or rust, warm hair tones such as golden blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde and auburn will look best.
  • If you look good in bluish-red, fuscia, black, royal blue or pine green, cool hair tones such as platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, burgundy and jet black will look best.
  • If you look good in red, purple, charcoal grey, periwinkle or teal, neutral tones like sandy blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown and mahogany will look best.


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