Lip Logic

Did you know...

  • Lipstick is the only cosmetic regulated by the FDA because we actually eat lipstick! Lipstick either fades into the lip or onto our food throughout the day. Either way, it ends up in our stomach. The average woman will eat 4-6 pounds of lipstick in her adult life. Make sure you know what you are ingesting. Aveda lip colors are made from organic fruit butters, plant waxes and a certified organic peppermint to freshen the breath.
  • Never use a lipstick tester on your lips—it is unhygienic. Imagine licking a lollypop after someone else tasted it first.
  • If you want your lipstick to last longer, use a lip pencil first as a base.
  • To avoid lipstick on your teeth, run your index finger through the middle of your lips and pull it back out. The excess will come off on your finger—not your teeth.




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