self massage tips from Laruh Spa Hyde Park

aveda blue oil for massage

Ease tension with cooling peppermint and certified organic blue camomile oil. A special rollerball applicator brings the ancient art of acupressure to the modern day, releasing the perfect amount of concentrate with each gentle touch to the skin.

Convenient size of Aveda Blue Oil slips into pocket or briefcase for a balancing break anytime, anywhere. Great for travel (rollerball size meets TSA requirements for carry-on luggage)!

  • soothe a tight muscle: roll the Aveda Blue Oil rollerball applicator along the inside of forearms. Massage briefly, using long, gentle strokes in the direction of the heart.
  • calm a busy mind: roll the Aveda Blue Oil rollerball applicator along the occipital ridge (the place where back of the neck meets the skull, just above the hairline). Follow down the back of the neck.
  • slow down: apply a small amount of the Aveda Blue Oil to the pad between the index finger and thumb on each hand. Press and release to stimulate this energy point for an overall sense of well-being.
  • breathe in the transforming aroma—a sensory lift on its own.

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